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Makoto Onizuka Professor

As represented by the phrase “Data is the new oil”, it is expected to make social impact by discovering knowledge from Big data. In the real world, since databases are managed independently in multiple companies, it is important to research and develop technology that integrates and analyzes those heterogeneous databases. We are engaged in research on a technical field of distributed/parallel data analysis, efficient graph analysis algorithms, and exploratory data mining. We publish our papers at top conferences, such as VLDB, SIGMOD, ICDE, EDBT, KDD, AAAI and also collaborate with major industries for practical research.

Yuki Arase Associate Proffesor

Languages are so familiar with us; we read, speak, and write text daily. But at the same time, languages are so mysterious. We don’t know how we process them to think and communicate. I’m working on natural language processing with the dream of unveiling this secret hidden in our brains.

Chuan Xiao Specially-Appointed Associate Professor

I am engaged in Onizuka laboratory's project on the research and development of data integration systems, taking part in project management and student supervision. My research interests also include information retrieval, textual data management, and spatio-temporal databases.

Yasuhiro Fujiwara Guest Associate Professor

My research interests are in the areas of data engineering, data mining, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Due to the rapid developments of database and internet technologies, it is possible to manage large volumes of data in high capacity systems. I work on developing of computationally efficient algorithms for large and complex problem.

Yuya Sasaki Assistant Professor

Research is necessary to create a new and better world. I am trying to generate new ideas and concepts through research activities such as writing papers and social implementation. It gives us great experiences and opportunities. Research is really enjoyable and fantastic.


Yuki Kawara D3

I study machine translation, especially pre-reordering.

Takeshi Hayakawa D3

An enthusiast of machine translation who welcomes the day of singularity.

Mikami Takashi D3 (10月入学)

I'm researching data analysis with graph. I'm familiar with natural language processing, full text search, acoustic signal processing and so on. I believe these knowlage will help my data analysis research. Anyway, you should play my "NumerDropHeaven" app in iOS.

Junya Takayama D2

Interest : Neural Conversation System, Nintendo Switch, The Legend of Zelda

Ryuichi Ito D2 (10月入学)

My research interests are in the areas of graph processing and optimization.

Hajime Kumami D2 (10月入学)

Seiji Maekawa D1

I am interested in data mining and mainly focus on graph mining tasks. I address hard both research and video games.

Sora Ohashi M2

These days I go to karaoke by myself

Yuya Ogawa M2

I play the oboe in orchestra.I love beer.

Okuno Tomoya M2

I came this school in 2019 spring. My favorite food is tempura.

Hirofimi Soga M2

EEG analysis Game/Cartoon/Soccer etc...

Nakamachi Akifumi M2

This text is generated by google translate ; ). I would research something like that.

Daiki Nishihara M2

I’m studying paraphrasing or text simplification. I’m a figure skater.

Shohei Yamasaki M2

I am interested in research on data mining. I'm doing my best at long-distance running in the track and field club.

Yusuke Wakuta M2

I am studying distributed database. I was a pilot of human powered aircraft as club activity. My hobby is bicycles.

Huang Han M2 (10月入学)

I am interested in Computer Assisted Language Learning, Nutrition & Metabolism and Chinese, English, Japanese phonetics

Erik Koenitzer M1 (10月入学)

I am primarily interested in making the output of machine translation feel more natural. I enjoy playing Nintendo games and taking walks in my spare time.

Yuta Katsuragi M1

I like to sleep.I want to find hobbies.

Miyake Kota M1

I love video games. I'll do my best to study and research.

Keizo Hori M1

I’ll do my best while enjoying research activities.

Yamaguchi Hiroto M1

I like playing tennis, soccer and mahjong. Nice to meet you.

Masato Yoshinaka M1

I will do my best leisurely.

Zhang Kuntian M1

Naoki Okada B4

I often watch anime and read comics. I will do my best to study and research.

Kadotani Sora B4

I am a kickboxer. I like curry and ramen.

Senoo Takanori B4

I like watching variety shows. I'll do my best happily!

Shoma Norimatsu B4

I like to play tennis, Majong, or FPS. Best regards.

Misato Horiuchi B4

I am interested in Big Data and Deep Learning. My hobbies are listening music and playing video games.

Koji Matsuda B4

I like watching sports and playing sports. I'll do my best to study and research.

Tiyajamorn Nattapong B4

My hobby is playing board games. I spend most of my free time playing games and watching Netflix. From now on, I really excited for doing research and I will try my best!

Higashi Kaede B4

I like taking pictures, and planning trip schedules. I'll do my best to know what I don't know.

Tatsuya Zetsu B3

I like games, books and travel. I will do my best.

Hirokazu Nakanishi B3

I'm interested in deep learning, big data and AI about human brain. I like songs which have non diatonic chords.


Chenhui Chu Collaborator

My research interests center on natural language processing, particularly machine translation and multimodal machine learning. To overcome the language barrier, I have been studied machine translation for a long time. To better understand the diverse and difficult language phenomenons, I am also studying novel approaches that use multimodal data such as images.

Tomoyuki Kajiwara Collaborator

Assistant Professor at Institute for Datability Science, Osaka University.
Natural Language Processing. Especially: Text Simplification, Paraphrasing, Semantic Textual Similarity, Quality Estimation.


Mihoko Hachikawa