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Make the Big Data Revolution

The research fields of Big data, IoT, natural language processing, data mining,
and artificial intelligence receive huge attention in the world.
We create new visions for the future in these fields
by collaborating with world-leading researchers.
We also engage in the research on the theory and practice
by applying our research outputs to the Big Data in the real world.

Big data is priceless and has infinite power.

We leverage ICT and Big Data to make the world a better place.
Work together with us to lead the Big Data Revolution.


Latest News

We will show you the latest news about our Lab.

For Visitors

Applicants for admission to our Lab

We are looking for new members (students and post-doc) in our Lab.
If you would like to know more detail, please contact with Prof. Onizuka.
We don't accept research students unless they passed the entrance exams of our graduate school.

Researchers at companies or universities

We promote collaborative researches with various companies and universities
If you would like to ask for information about collaborative research, please send a email to Onizuka professor.