Graduated Member


George Fletcher Specially Appointed Associate Professor

Data and data intensive systems are pervasive in modern life. My work is driven by the basic challenge: how can we create societal and scientific value from data?


Takeshi Hayakawa 2023 Doctor

An enthusiast of machine translation who welcomes the day of singularity.

Ryuichi Ito 2023 Doctor

My research interests are in the areas of graph processing and optimization.

Seiji Maekawa 2023 Doctor

Graphs are unifying abstractions that represent real- and digital-world phenomena. However, graph-related problems typically run into difficulties due to the huge number of combinations in graphs. Thus, I am interested in finding the optimal or semi-optimal solution at a reasonable time. My research interests include graph mining and graph database systems. My hobbies are judo and basketball.

Naoki Okada 2023 Master

I often watch anime and read comics. I will do my best to study and research.

Kadotani Sora 2023 Master

I am interested in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Learning (DP) . I am studying phrase alignment and paraphrase generation.

Jun Kawagoshi 2023 Master

I’m primary interested in making computers converse like humans, just like Doraemon. My hobbies are travel and listening music. I also like sports.

Shoma Norimatsu 2023 Master

I like to play tennis, Majong, or FPS. Best regards.

Misato Horiuchi 2023 Master

I am interested in Big Data and Deep Learning. My hobbies are listening music and playing video games.

Koji Matsuda 2023 Master

I like watching sports and playing sports. I'll do my best to study and research.

Motohiro Yanabu 2023 Master

I want to do my research actively. Hobby: APEX , Anime , Comics

Naoki Chihara 2023 Bachelor

Hello, My name is Naoki Chihara. I'm from Hyogo. I belong to a choir and a school's popular music band. Thank you.

Shisei Nakamura 2023 Bachelor

I like reading and listening to music. I will do my best in research.

Yuki Murosaki 2023 Bachelor

I am broadly interested in big data science and deep learning. I am extremely skilled in cooking and crafts. I am struggling because Osaka University is a strict environment for romance.

Junya Takayama 2022 Doctor

Interest : Neural Conversation System, Nintendo Switch, The Legend of Zelda

Erik Koenitzer 2022 Master

I am primarily interested in making the output of machine translation feel more natural. I enjoy playing Nintendo games and taking walks in my spare time.

Yuta Katsuragi 2022 Master

I like to sleep.I want to find hobbies.

Hirofimi Soga 2022 Master

EEG analysis Game/Cartoon/Soccer etc...

Keizo Hori 2022 Master

I’ll do my best while enjoying research activities.

Miyake Kota 2022 Master

I love video games. I'll do my best to study and research.

Yamaguchi Hiroto 2022 Master

I like playing tennis, soccer and mahjong. Nice to meet you.

Zhang Kuntian 2022 Master

Senoo Takanori 2022 Bachelor

I like watching variety shows. I'll do my best happily!

Kazuto Matsumoto 2022 Bachelor

I like snowboarding

Takaaki Tanaka 2021 Doctor

Yuki Kawara 2021 Doctor

I study machine translation, especially pre-reordering.

Sora Ohashi 2021 Master

These days I go to karaoke by myself

Yuya Ogawa 2021 Master

I play the oboe in orchestra.I love beer.

Okuno Tomoya 2021 Master

I came this school in 2019 spring. My favorite food is tempura.

Nakamachi Akifumi 2021 Master

This text is generated by google translate ; ). I would research something like that.

Daiki Nishihara 2021 Master

I’m studying paraphrasing or text simplification. I’m a figure skater.

Shohei Yamasaki 2021 Master

I am interested in research on data mining. I'm doing my best at long-distance running in the track and field club.

Yusuke Wakuta 2021 Master

I am studying distributed database. I was a pilot of human powered aircraft as club activity. My hobby is bicycles.

Huang Han 2021 Master

I am interested in Computer Assisted Language Learning, Nutrition & Metabolism and Chinese, English, Japanese phonetics

Tiyajamorn Nattapong 2021 Bachelor

My hobby is playing board games. I spend most of my free time playing games and watching Netflix. From now on, I really excited for doing research and I will try my best!

Higashi Kaede 2021 Bachelor

I like taking pictures, and planning trip schedules. I'll do my best to know what I don't know.

Kazuki Ashihara 2020 Master

I am studying the simplification of the English multiword expression to support language educators . My hobby is board games . Especially I like Werewolf so that I participate in the circle on the occasinal weekend . I belong to orienteering club.

Koji Tanaka 2020 Master

NLP/conversation system/Azunyan/guitar/splatoon/sometime I draw illustration/ I like programing but not be good at it (and English). I study about multi-turn response generation using Dialogue Act.

Eriko Nomoto 2020 Master

Interest:Text to Image Synthesis, Bouldering, Board game
Twitter -> @saya_hakuren FaceBook -> Eriko Nomoto GitHub -> NomotoEriko

Kei Harada 2020 Master

My research interest is improving the QOL of people using ICT. My research focuses on spatial-temporal data mining (spatially, using Geo-sensory data) now.

Wataru Hirota 2020 Master

My biggest dream is to organize information all over the world. My current research is about patentability search, whose aim is to ensure that the proposed ideas are novel.

Takashi Yamauchi 2020 Bachelor

I played soccer since I was in elementary school, I like to play sports. I will do my best every day!

Yamada Shinya 2020 Bachelor

I’m enthusiastic about doubledutch and the game ’Werewolf’. I’ll do my best with my research.

Vipul Mishra 2020 Bachelor

I like playing, making and listening to music. My hobbies include software development, listening to philosophy podcasts and watching the same ‘The Office’ episodes over and over again.

Junya Arai 2019 Doctor

I am interested in middleware, algorithms, and programming languages for scalable parallel processing on the latest hardware. Currently I am studying parallel algorithms and implementations for analyzing large-scale real-world graphs such as web graphs, social networks, and knowledge networks.

Mao Isogawa 2019 Master

I research dialogue system because I wonder behaviors, process of thinking, and communication of human.

Kenta Sasaki 2019 Master

My research topic is the compression of deep neural networks.

Yuto Takebayashi 2019 Master

NLPer (Machine Translation) / Traveling Abroad / Outdoor Activities I'm trying to include Reading Books in my hobby.

Kohei Nagata 2019 Master

I like sleep and money. I'm spending happy-go-lucky days.

Yuan Peilin 2019 Master

I am a foreign student from China.Now I am doing some reasearch about the distributed-computation engine for graph.Surly I'm interested in many things,please feel free to chat with me!

Biwa Miura 2019 Bachelor


Koji Wada 2019 Bachelor

I like games

Takeshi Yamamuro 2018 Doctor

My main research interests are in the area of CPU-aware data structure/algorithms and data compression for DBMSs, but I am open to other topics (e.g., compielrs, succinct data structure, GPUs) in order to realize compact data representation and fast data processing for massive data.

Asato Ogasawara 2018 Master

Research area: discovery data mining I research to make data analysis process more efficient by using data mining and statistical technique.

Shohei Takada 2018 Master

I love English.

Kozo Chikai 2018 Master

I am glad that Softbank Hawks Wins NPB Championship.

Atsuhiro Nakashima 2018 Master

I wanna be good engineer.

Afifah Mohd Shabri 2018 Bachelor

Toshimasa Fuzimori 2017 Master

Kaito Mizushima 2017 Master

Yohei Mizuno 2017 Master

Adiputra Cosmas Krisna 2017 Bachelor

Michinori Tsutsui 2016 Bachelor

Yoshihiro Kishida 2015 Master

Keita Kobayashi 2015 Master

Shunsuke Kondo 2015 Bachelor


Ying-Feng Hsu
Jan. 2016 - Mar. 2017

Research Students

Roan Hofland
Feb. 2023 - Jul.2023

I'm a student at Eindhoven University of Technology. My hobbies are programming, rhythm games and anime.

Faith Wavinya
Apr. 2017 - Mar. 2018

I am interested in research in recommendation systems

Internship Students

Coste Benjamin TELECOM.Bretagne
Jul. 2016 - Aug. 2016

Alannah Hsia
July. 2023 - Aug. 2023

I like ML, solving problems, and sketching random people on the street. I look forward to learn new things in the lab!

Brian Inhyuk Kwon

I'm Korean-American but was raised in Singapore. Currently, I am a third-year undergraduate studying Applied Mathematics at the University of California, Los Angeles. In my free time, I like to study Japanese, make videos, and explore new places.

Erik Kjellberg KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Sep. 2016 - Aug. 2017

MERRITT Andrew Christopher University of Georgia
Sep. 2019 - Aug. 2020

Lucas Trapon

My name is Lucas and I am a fourth-year engineering student at Polytech Nantes. I am interested in deep learning, big data, and research. I enjoy playing video games in my free time.

Ivan Luc

Hello! I’m a third-year undergraduate from UC Santa Barbara. I look forward to gaining more research experience in Onizuka Lab and exploring around Japan during the next few months!

Yeh Mei-Cih Tsinghua University
Sep. 2016 - Aug. 2017

Sean Bogosavac

I am a french student in computer science engineering interested in Japanese culture. I also play baseball and go among other things.

Joyce Guo

Hi! I’m a 4th year undergrad. I’m researching AI Fairness, I hope to continue this career for many futures come. I enjoy working with the team and learning more about the intersection of society and technology!

Wu Rachael Yujie University of California Berkeley
Jun. 2017 - Aug. 2017

Hajoon Ronny Ko Harvard University
Aug. 2019 - Sep. 2019

Hu Shuguang The University of HongKong
Oct. 2017 - Feb. 2018

Name: Shuguang Hu(胡曙光) Email: Research interests: Algorithms and approximation algorithms, (Graph) Data processing and mining

Li Ke Nanjing University
Apr. 2018 - Sep. 2018

I'm an exchange student from Nanjing University, China. I am very glad to be here and looking forward to spending half a year with everyone.

JingJing Jia University of California Berkeley
Jun. 2018 - Aug. 2018

I'm a frontier lab program student from UC Berkeley. Looking forward to an exciting summer here!

Dennis Herr Technische Universität München
Sep. 2019 - Mar. 2019

I'm a master's degree student from the Technical University of Munich, Germany visiting Osaka University. My research focuses on distributed systems and databases. In my spare time I like to play all kinds video games!

Fabian Kaiser Heidelberg University
Sep. 2019 - Feb. 2019

I am a Master student from Germany. In the Onizuka lab I am working with clustering (EM, k-means) and distribution distances (Earth Mover Distance, KL-divergence) for 5 months.

Thomas Schmitt Columbia University
Jun. 2019 - Aug. 2019

I am a rising second-year undergraduate from Columbia University doing a summer internship for two months. I am currently working on a route search query implementation. In my free time I play soccer, listen to music, and read philosophical texts.

Mingyan Zou University of California Berkeley
Jul. 2019 - Sep. 2019

Hi, I am junior student from UC Berkeley, majoring in applied math and data science. I am currently doing the research of graph edit distance under the guidance of professor Sasaki for this summer. During my free time, I enjoy jogging and watching movies.

Sophie Ku University of California
Jul. 2019 - Sep. 2019

I am a student from University of California, Santa Cruz participating in the FrontierLab Summer Program. I am developing a type ahead search under the guidance of Professor Xiao. My hobbies include embroidery, cooking, baking, board games and hiking. I am very happy to be here and work in this wonderful environment!