The second joint Korea-Japan workshop on management of data 2018


  • To exchange the opinions and progress of research in Postech and OU
  • To promote friendly relationships between each other


September 27th and 28th(Thursday, Friday)


Osaka University Suita Campus

Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, room A608 (6th floor at IST building A)


September 27

Time Reservation
19:00-21:00 Exchange opinions

September 28

Time Reservation
10:00-11:00 Seiji Maekawa.
Non-linear Attributed Graph Clustering
by Symmetric NMF with PU Learning.
11:00-12:00 Yeonsu Park, Wook Shin-Han.
Selectivity estimation for graph database.
12:00-13:00 Lunch Time
13:00-14:00 George Fletcher.
gMark: open-source graph and graph query
workload generator framework.
14:00-14:30 Rest
14:30-15:30 Takumi Matsumoto.
Framework for Efficient Exploratory Data Analysis
15:30-16:00 Rest
16:00-17:00 Hyeonji Kim, Wook Shin-Han.
Overview of NLIDB.
17:00-17:30 Hideyuki Kawashima.
Lighting Talk.
17:30-19:00 Rest
19:00-21:00 Exchange opinions


To Osaka University Suita Campus

  • Train
    15'~30' east on foot from Kita-Senri, Hankyu Senri Line.
  • Monorail
    5'~15' on foot from Monorail Handai-Byoin-Mae.
  • Hankyu Bus
    Bus for Handai-Honbu-Mae or Ibaraki-Mihogaoka at Senri-Chuo. Exit at Handai-Honbu-Mae. (5'~15')
  • Kintetsu Bus
    Bus for Handai-Honbu-Mae from Ibaraki-Shi, Hankyu Kyoto Line. Exit at Handai-Honbu-Mae. (5'~15')
  • From Shin-Osaka Station
    Subway Midosuji Line to Senri-Chuo, Monorail. Exit at Handai-Byoin-Mae. (1hr.)
  • From Osaka Airport (Itami)
    Monorail to Handai-Byoin-Mae. (1hr.)
  • From Kansai International Airport (3choices)
    1. JR line to Osaka, → subway Midosuji Line, exit at Senri-Chuo, → Monorail, exit at Handai-Byoin-Mae. (2hr.)
    2. Nankai Line to Namba, → subway Midosuji Line to Senri-Chuo, → Monorail to Handai-Byoin-Mae. (2hr.)
    3. Airport Bus to Osaka Airport, → Monorail to Handai-Byoin-Mae. (2hr. 30')

To Graduate School of Information Science and Technology