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    2017 what`s news (en)

    2017/09/26 Hu Shuguang (The University of Hong Kong) was assigned as intern during 6 months.
    2017/09/20 Nakashima reveived the student award at WebDB Forum 2017.
    2017/09/20 Our paper received the paper award runners-up at WebDB Forum 2017.
    2017/09/09 Associate Professor Arase presented a paper at EMNLP2017 held in Copenhagen : Yuki Arase and Jun’ichi Tsujii: Monolingual Phrase Alignment on Parse Forests, Proc. of Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP2017), pp. 1-11.


    FrontierLab International Student Yeh Mei-Cih received the Best Presentation Award in FrontierLab@OsakaU Final Presentation. The title of the presentation is “Paraphrase Generation with Templates mined from the Web”.

    2017/07/14 Professor Onizuka lectured at ISCIE.
    2017/07/08 Professor Onizuka moderated at OACIS symposium.
    2017/06/20 Wu Rachael Yujie (UC Berkeley) was assigned as FrontierLab Summer Program International Student during 2 months.
    2017/06/15 Mr.Kaigai (NEC) gave a lecture.
    2017/06/07 Dr.Kawashima (University of Tsukuba) gave a lecture.
    2017/05/29 Dr.Fujiwara (NTT) gave a lecture.
    2017/05/11 Dr.Hagita and Dr.Miyashita (ATR) gave a lecture.
    2017/05/11 Mr.Arai (NTT) gave a lecture.
    2017/04/27 Mr.Kajiwara (Tokyo Metropolitan University) gave a lecture.
    2017/04/14 Miura and Wakuta were assigned as Undergraduate students.
    2017/04/12 Ashihara,Soga,Tanaka,Harada,and Afifah were assigned as Undergraduate students.
    Takayama,Maekawa,and Yuan were assigned as Master Course students.
    Arai was assigned as Ph.D. student.

    2016 what`s news (en)

    2017/03/28 Our paper was accepted: Fujiwara, Scaling Locally Linear Embedding, SIGMOD2017.
    2017/01/18 Our paper was accepted: Onizuka and Fujimori, Graph partitioning for distributed graph processing., Data Science and Engineering.
    2017/01/17 Our paper was accepted: Fujiwara and Onizuka, Fast Ad-hoc Search Algorithm for Personalized PageRank, IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems.
    2016/12/21 Our paper was accepted: Mizuno, Sasaki, and Onizuka, Efficient Data Slice Search for Exceptional View Detection, DOLAP
    2016/11/1 Maekawa and Yuan was assigned as resaerch students